Custom Coasters

Custom Coasters

Theres no way we can anticipate all designs and have them ready.

If you would like a specific logo you can leave the link in the area below. 


If you would like a design created for you like a monogram or personalized text you will need to purchase "design creation" for $15. 

  • Design Creation

    When you purchase design creation you are buying to have your design created. 

    1. You will leave as much detail on your design when you purchase. Add links and ideas. 
    2. We will create a design based off your message. 
    3. We will send you the design via email and you will be asked for edits. 
    4. We will make those changes and send you a final version for your approval.

    Once your design is created we can create as many coasters you want or use it to create wall art, keychains, etc. 

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us prior to purchasing. Ask us here or on Instagram.