We can create vinyl stencils with your art. Once you have purchased a stencil you will send us print ready art and your desired size in inches. Your artwork will need to have half of one inch boarder around the outside. 12x12 inch stencil can have 11.5x11.5 inch artwork. 


What is print ready art? 

Is the file black and white? Perfect! 

Is the file .svg or .eps? You're ready!


What if I dont have print ready art?

If you have black and white art in a png you may be okay. Send it to us to double check.

Do you have a colorful image that is a jpg? There are many free online tools like inkscape that you can use to prep your artwork. 


Can I have more art on one stencil?

YES!!! As stated above you must have a half inch boarder around the outside. What goes on within that boarder is up to you. 


What if I want it ready to use when it arrives?

To keep costs down we traditionally send the stencil fresh off the cutter. If you would like it weeded and have transfer paper ontop there would be an additional fee. We are happy to do this for you but it is not rocket science. 


**Don't see your size- Contact us!!

  • Custom Art Work

    Please note- Custom work is non-refundable. We will send you a mock up of the artwork for your approval. Once approved we are not responsible for any spelling errors or changes of heart.