Rose Name Sign Jawn

Rose Name Sign Jawn

Create this beautifly cut rose name sign. Paint it to match your decor. This jawn does require gluing which means its a little more advanced than just a paint and go. 


Paint this jawn at one of our weekly painting workshops or take it to go.


Large- 19” tall

Medium- 14” tall

Small- 10” tall 

  • Included

    All Jawns include:

    • 3 brushes 
    • 8 paints: 6 colors and larger black and white

    What you need at home:

    • paper towels
    • cup of water
  • Buildable

    What is a buildable jawn? This jawn requires more than just paint. This jawn has additional cutouts that need to be glued to a backboard. We are confident everyone can make these, we even provide the glue.