Ready to Plant Planters!

Ready to Plant Planters!

Spring is about to be here and we want you to be ready with this reclaimed wood planter box. Slats on the bottom are perfect for drainage as well as being lined with weed barrier. Just pickup and plant! 


Interior Dimensions: 30"x14.5"x11"

Overall Dimensions: 33"x17.5"x30"

  • Wood & Reclaimed Wood

    Due to the nature of working with natural and reclaimed wood, no two pieces of furniture will be the same. Although the design will be the same, the width and thickness of the timber, position of nails and screws and depth/range of colour will vary with each piece.  These variations result in each beautiful product being completely unique to its owner.

    The wood is reclaimed from Philadelphia industrial sources and hence may show signs of use, such as scratches, nail holes, splits, indentations, knots, saw marks, and some wood shrinkage/movement over time. All of these features, coupled with being expertly sanded and sealed result in the rustic finish you will see in your furniture.

    We will endeavour to smooth as much of the rough surface as possible, however, wood expands, contracts and wears as you use it. We do our best to sand and seal and rough areas but splinters can happen over time.