Groovy Monogram Jawn

Groovy Monogram Jawn

Groovy Monogram Jawn is personalized with your initials. You can paint it however your heard desires. 


Paint this jawn at one of our weekly painting workshops or take it to go.


Large- 19” tall 28" wide

Small- 10” tall 20" wide

  • Included

    All Jawns include:

    • 3 brushes 
    • 8 paints: 6 colors and larger black and white

    What you need at home:

    • paper towels
    • cup of water
  • Buildable

    What is a buildable jawn? This jawn requires more than just paint. This jawn has additional cutouts that need to be glued to a backboard. We are confident everyone can make these, we even provide the glue.