Dan started his business in 2004 after years of doing handyman and remodeling work for relatives and friends. When ever someone needed something done they simply said "Dan Does That" and from that came the website name. 

Dan's Beliefs are - 

Dan believes that if your going to do something "Do it Right the First Time". Dan believes that you have to be truthful no matter what and be as transparent as you can be.

Dan believes Never BS anyone. 

Starting in 2020 Dan is taking his business in a New and Exciting direction. Dan is offering laser engraving services, Home Decor products, wood designs made with reclaimed wood. 

All products will be made by Dan and Made in the USA. No China junk here.


 Dan's  Cell # 267-255-6001


 Dan Terrey Home Improvements LLC.

               PAHIC Reg# PA058095  

                  Licensed & Insured

                    Philadelphia PA

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